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Is the Eds and Meds Corridor in University City Really a Thing?

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There is certainly no lack of 'Ed Med' pockets in and around town that could lay claim to the title of the 'Eds and Meds' Corridor of Philly — they re-branded 'Market East,' 'Jefferson Station,' remember? But that's fine, UCD. You do you. On January 14th at 1:30, Radnor Property Group is celebrating the topping off of its 25-story residential tower, 3737 Chestnut located along the 'flourishing 'Eds and Meds Corridor,'' the developer's release reads. "We're very pleased to be at this dynamic location," says David Yeager, president of Radnor Property Group, "a block from the University of Pennsylvania's campus and hospital complex, and so close to Drexel."

Move-in date for the first residents of the 276-unit building, which will include one and two-bedroom apartments, a library lounge, and a landscaped rooftop, is expected to be August 1, 2015. Time will tell if other areas of concentrated educational and medical activity (Jefferson, Temple, across the Delaware in Camden) will volley back for the right to call their own chunk of land the real 'Eds and Meds Corridor.'
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