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What a Go-Go Bar, a Mini Mart, and a Church All Have in Common

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A Fishtown resident for the last seven years, Drew Leshko has earned international acclaim for his miniature paper sculptures of buildings, each meticulously crafted and constructed by hand. The guy uses tweezers to assemble a "to scale" chain link fence, for crying out loud. And it's not just for laughs.

Leshko explains: "As all of the sculptures I make are based on actual buildings slated for demolition or that may be transformed into something more modern, I hope that the viewers think about the buildings in their daily lives, a building's life span, what is worth preserving, the impacts of gentrification, and what remains."

He will be joined by other like-minded artists Amze Emmons, Roberto Lugo, Mat Tomezsko, and Jesse Krimes at the Painted Bride Art Center from January 23rd – March 7th in the group show The City Real & Imagined: Urbanism, Identity, and Identification, which seeks to address issues surrounding identity formation, perception, and social consciousness as part of InLiquid's Art For Action program.
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