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Snow Day's Over: Repurposing Those Snowgrams

A photo posted by Andy O'Dore (@andyodore) on

Philly sure was beautiful the other day, blanketed in a neat clean coat of winter white. Fast-forward a few days later, things might not look so pretty. If the sidewalk snow on your way to work has hardened to icy patches of death, email a photo of the sidewalk with its exact location to to get featured on the Unshoveled Twitter and Tumblr pages. The hope is that very soon thereafter, the snow will get shoveled and save you from potential injury and certain embarrassment.

You know that patch of snow hugging the curb around a bend or junction? Take a photo of it: a "sneckdown" photo. "Sneckdown" is a combination of "snow" and "neckdown" - another name for a curb expansion.

These photos utilize snow formations on the street to reveal the space cars don't use. Advocates can then use these sneckdown photos to make the case to local transportation officials that traffic calming interventions like curb bumpouts and traffic islands can be installed without any loss to car drivers.

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