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Do You Wanna Own a Mansion? $1.4M for 4 Beds, 5.5 Baths

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A few days into the season of weeping each and every time you open your PGW bill, just for a second imagine heating these puppies. But! You'll certainly save money on transportation, because these 4,300 square foot residences in Hawthorne are walking distance to anything you could ever need (Whole Foods, CVS, Condom Kingdom). The mansions at Bedford Place are currently under construction, and they promise to be fitted with - this is not a typo – four bedrooms, four full baths, and three powder rooms. Each $1.4 million residence will have a private elevator, a two-car garage, finished basement, and roof deck, which can be accessed through the master suite on the top floor.
· 1239 Kater Street [Redfin]