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Drug Company to Build $25M Headquarters in Navy Yard

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The Navy Yard just keeps bringing in the big bucks: Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc., a U.K.-based biopharmaceutical company, announced Friday that its U.S. headquarters will be based in a $25 million, 47,400-square-foot facility at the Navy Yard, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal. This announcement comes just one month after Axalta Coatings, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, revealed their plans to establish their Global Innovation Center at the Navy Yard. Adaptimmune has had ties in Philly since 2008, when it began collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania to develop T-cell therapies to treat cancer. The new facility will be designed by Philly-based architecture firm DIGSAU and will be the 12th LEED-certified facility on Navy Yard's campus. Adaptimmune CEO James Noble says that the company expects to bring more than 110 jobs to the region. The expected completion date is late 2016.