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Permanent Redesign for Grays Ferry Triangle Plaza Proposed

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In Center City, there are plans for a permanent redesign of a pedestrian plaza at 23rd and South streets. The Grays Ferry Avenue Triangles Committee recently proposed new configurations to the Grays Ferry Triangle Plaza plaza, including native Wissahickon schist stone benches and cobblestone circles that will retain more stormwater on the triangle's surface. PlanPhilly reported that the Triangles Committee gave an architect at Bergmann Associates these stipulations: the plaza must preserve roughly the same amount of space for hosting events, the edges separating the plaza from South Street traffic must be preserved, the historic horse drinking fountain must be preserved, and there must be the ability for people to sit around the fountain "campfire-style." There are also recommendations for more tree cover. In the proposed redesign, the fountain will be moved toward the middle of the plaza. For now, the South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA) will use the proposed designs to create a project budget and raise funds. Any changes made will need to be approved by the Streets Department.

· Committee proposes permanent redesign for Grays Ferry Triangle plaza at 23rd and South [PlanPhilly]