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Plans for Dilapidated Brewerytown Building to Be Redeveloped

There are plans for a dilapidated building on 2712 W. Cabot Street in Brewerytown to be redeveloped for two duplexes. The parcel of land will be divided into two lots with a duplex on each lot. According to Naked Philly, the project has not yet gone to the ZBA. The block that the building is located on features a variety of vacant lots, and there has been more plan than one to change that. There were plans to maintain a home at 2714 W. Cabot Street, divide a parcel of land at 2716 W. Cabot Street, and build a duplex on the adjacent Stiles Street, but the ZBA denied these plans, according to Naked Philly.
· New Project For a Tough Block in Brewerytown [Naked Philly]