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New Philly Bill Will Require Architects to Speak Up When They See a Problem

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Believe it or not, but it looks like some good may come from the 2013 Center City building collapse. Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones has introduced a bill that will attach a civil penalty for construction workers who fail to report any dangerous situations, reports NewsWorks. Basically, if a contractor sees something, they better say something or face the consequences. This week, demolition contractor Griffin Campbell had to face some of his own consequences by being convicted of six counts of manslaughter due to him cutting corners on the job and ignoring warnings of an imminent collapse for the building at 22nd and Market. The building collapse resulted in six people being killed and at least 12 being injured. Currently, there is no legal obligation for architects to report an imminently dangerous building. A hearing for the bill has not yet been scheduled.
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