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Apparently, Nobody Wants Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas' Philadelphia Home

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Photos via The Condo Shop

In 1993, this two-bedroom Bella Vista loft was seen in bright Hollywood lights in the Oscar-winning film, Philadelphia. The characters that Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas played in the movie were roommates in this listing. When Curbed Philly last reported on the listing last April, it was priced at $719,000. Now, more than five months later and with more than three price chops later, it's asking $624,000, which is $25,000 less than what it sold for in 2013. If interested in having a slice of red carpet real estate, this renovated unit offers 15-foot-high ceilings, hardwood flooring, and an upgraded kitchen. There are also two staircases that lead to a mezzanine level den/office with a large master bedroom suite and one spiral staircase that leads to a studio basement. The building originally served as a Phillies Cigars factory when it was constructed in 1920, but was later converted into a residential development in 1984. · 700 South 10th Street, Unit 1A [Redfin]
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