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See Inside One of the Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.

All photos courtesy of The Bates Motel/Veronica Brown

This Halloween, tens of thousands of homeowners will decorate their abodes with spooky skeletons, tombstones, and monsters, and some will go above and beyond by adorning masks to scare their neighbors and loved ones, but no matter what, the best way to truly experience Halloween is by visiting a haunted house. Recently, listed the 15 scariest haunted houses in America for 2015, and Pennsylvania's Bates Motel landed at number nine. Only a few minutes from Philadelphia, this haunted theme park in Glens Mill has scared the bejeesus out of its visitors for 25 years now. The attraction has been featured in multiple publications, including USA Today. In its list, described The Bates Motel, writing:

"This high action, haunted attraction theme park includes their famous, 25 minute, heart pounding, haunted hayride through the dark forests of Arasapha Farm, filled with high tech animatronics, 26 huge, Hollywood quality sets, 75 actors, and more pyrotechnics than a rock concert. The Cornfield haunted trail, takes you back in time as you walk through the tall corn, and enter ghost towns, graveyards, the slaughter house, and other full scale sets. With over 25 actors in full custom makeup and costumes, and long, dark corridors, this event is sure to send shivers up your spine. The cornerstone of this trilogy of terror is the Bates Motel. A huge Victorian mansion filled with computer controlled animatronics, digital sound and lighting, amazingly detailed rooms and top quality actors make this event one you will always remember." claims to be the first website and publication to produce a Top 10, Top 13, and Top 31 haunted house list. If interested in seeing what spooky attraction topped the list, go here.

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