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Society Hill Residents Concerned Over Planned Condo Project

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Opposers of a planned development in Society Hill have now gotten their wish as developer Toll Brothers has presented a revised version of a proposal for a condo project in the neighborhood. According to PlanPhilly, opposers of the project argued that the development was too tall and wouldn't "respect the character of the neighborhood." Currently, the developer's plans are to raze the Society Hill Playhouse and a two-story garage across the street for a development that will be a maximum of 51 feet tall with 17 units and 18 parking spaces. Previously, the plans were for a building with a maximum height of 60 feet with 24 units and 16 parking spaces. These condos are expected to cost between $500,000 and $1 million. These scaled down plans aren't enough of an improvement for those in the community, though, as they continue to argue that because the zoning for the site is RM-1, a low-density multifamily classification with a 38-foot height limit, the condo project just won't fit in with the neighborhood. PlanPhilly further reported that the developer discovered petroleum contamination underneath the garage property on the west side of 8th Street, which the developer will have to remediate before construction. If the developer is able to win a zoning change and approval for the project, they expect to start construction next summer with completion a year from now.
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