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Northeast Rail Report Proposes 2 More Amtrak Stops in Philly

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Big changes may be coming to Philly's transportation system—well, at least 25 years from now. The Federal Railroad Administration recently released its first draft of the Northeast Corridor Futures report and proposed four different alternatives for the future of the rail service, two of them involving Philly in a major way. The "Alternative 2" proposal would create a passenger stop at the Philadelphia International Airport. Currently, SEPTA's Airport Regional Rail Line and bus service are the only two forms of public transportation available. This would cost between $131 to $136 billion.

"Alternative 3" proposes a massive transformation for the entire NE corridor and includes adding 10 new passenger stops, including one at the airport and another in downtown Philadelphia. This overhaul could cost up to $308 billion.

Want to weigh in? The Federal Railroad Administration is hosting public hearings in all the major cities that may be affected by the proposals. Mark your calendar for Monday, January 11 for the public hearing at 1234 Market St. in Philadelphia.

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