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Philadelphians Give the City a Thumbs Down

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[Editor's note] This story originally misinterpreted the survey's results as a majority. It has been updated to reflect the correct information. We regret the error.

Sounds like Philly folks could use a bit of a pick-me-up. Despite the city's recent accolades (like being named the first World Heritage City in the U.S.), almost a third of residents fall under the "Dissatisfied Citizens" category, according to a recent report released by Pew. The brief, A New Way of Looking at Philadelphians, surveyed more than 1,600 Philadelphians earlier this year and found that dissatisfied citizens made up 30 percent of the population. Folks in this category said they believe that Philly is on the wrong track and that it's "best days are behind it." In addition, they said they would not recommend Philly to friends as a place to live. Most of the residents who fell under this category made less than $30,000 year and reported having financial issues.
But not all residents are downers! So called "Die-Hard Loyalists," who see a bright future for Philly, made up 25 percent of all residents. Another 19 percent of those surveyed identified as "Enthusiastic Urbanists," newcomers to the city who are excited about what's to come. The last 25 percent consisted of "Uncommitted Skeptics," or folks who could really care less about the City of Brotherly Love and don't see themselves staying for very long.

Want to find out what kind of Philadelphian you are? You can take the Pew quiz here.

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