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Here's What a 1BR in Philly Will Cost You, by Neighborhood

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If you ever needed a reason to move to Wichita, here it is: A 1-bedroom apartment will set you back a whopping $450 a month. The average monthly rent in Philly? $1,300, according to Zumper's October 2015 national rent report. That makes it the 14th most expensive rental market in the U.S. But before you start crying into your checkbook, remember: You'd pay almost three times that amount if you lived in San Francisco or New York.
Still, that $1,300 won't get you far in all parts of Philly. The Zumper report noted that the priciest areas to rent in the city in October were Logan Square($1,850), University City ($1,770), and Center City West ($1,680). You're more likely to find deals in North and West Philly.

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