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Renovated Port Richmond Ghost Sign Apartment Ready to Rent

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Before photos by Conrad Benner

You can now rent a piece of history in Port Richmond. After discovering a century-old "ghost sign" of Kolb's Pan-Dandy Bread boy behind a plaster wall earlier this year, the developers preserved the painted advertisement and tell us that the apartment is now available for rent. The two-story painting is now a prominent feature in both entry downstairs and in the second-floor bedroom (and is sure to be a conversation starter for a future housewarming). The rest of the apartment, which is one of seven in the building, is pretty standard and features granite countertops and high ceilings. Developer Joe Livewell told the Somers team that he plans to add a "hip, NYC style" cafe to the ground level of the property. The apartment is located at 3118 Richmond St. #7 and is $1,250 per month.

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