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10 Affordable Gifts for Philly Art Lovers

We can hear the grumbling now: But it's not even Thanksgiving yet! True, but come Friday you'll be glad we started the gift-giving process for you, promise. For all of your comrades who want to show off their love for Philly in an artistic and classy way, here are 10 pieces of artwork that easily serve as an ode to the City of Brotherly Love. (Plus, they won't blow your savings.) If you've got more suggestions, let us know in the comments. And don't forget to check out our gift guides over on Curbed and Curbed's sister sites Racked, The Verge, and Polygon.

Vintage Philly Skyscrapers Poster, $15-$35
This print of a vintage poster from 1898 features 18 different skyscrapers in Philly, including Independence Hall, the Fidelity Life Building, and the Masonic Temple. But there's only one available in each size, so buy quickly.

Modern Typographic Philly Neighborhoods, $54-$200
This one goes out to all those folks who rep their neighborhoods like its their job. You can pick and choose which ones you want featured on each poster.

Shapes of Philadelphia, $54-$303
London-based artist Yoni Alter showcases the shapes of cities around the world, Philly included, with bursts of color. Some of the "shapes", which are drawn accurate to scale, include the Kimmel Center, One Liberty Place, and Cira Center.

Philadelphia Subway Map, $25
A perfect gift for the everyday commuter: It's a typographic transit map of the Philadelphia rail system, with the names of the stations typed along each line.

Philadelphia Skyline in Eagles Colors, $21
Here's a tamer way to show that you bleed green and white. The same print is also available in Flyers colors.

Foil Philadelphia Map, $34-$106
This map is made of actual foil, and is sure to make a statement hanging up on any wall. You can choose from 11 different frame materials, too.

Funny Skyscraper Art, $10-$30
For your friend with a sense of humor, this illustration shows some Philly skyscrapers enjoying the best parts about Philly: Cheesesteaks and beer.

Big Scrapple Poster, $20
This print shows that there are more monikers for Philly than "the City of Brotherly Love." But whoever you give this to must love scrapple.

Philly Wood Block Art, $39-$64
Give this to your friend who wants an alternative to the LOVE Park photo hanging. The print is mounted on Birch wood and stained with eco-friendly mahogany finish.

Philadelphia Skyline Painting, $16-$20
Avoid the generic skyline photo and opt for this watercoloring painting instead. Note: The frame is not included.