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No More Development Allowed on 37 Acres in Chestnut Hill

A huge swath of green space in Chestnut Hill will be preserved via one of the largest National Land Trust easements in northwest Philly history, reports Chestnut Hill Local. The Woodward family has owned the 37-acre golf course for more than 100 years and has leased the land to the Philadelphia Cricket Club. The original course was the site of the 1907 and 1910 United States Open.

Now, the family will sell the property to the club and donate the proceeds to the National Land Trust, Chestnut Hill Historical Society, and other charities. If they hadn't entered into the agreement with the National Land Trust, the land would have been made available for development in 15 years, according to a statement released by the Woodward family. Now, the trust has the rights to block any future development on the land that isn't in line with the terms of the easement.

· Woodward family preserves 37-acre golf course land with National Lands Trust easement [Chestnut Hill Local]