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Philly Ranked 24th Best Place to Own a Home in America

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Courtesy of Flickr/Mike Boening Photography

This sort of deserves a pat on the back: Philly is the 24th best place to own a home in America. That's based on survey results recently released by Porch and Redfin, which polled more than 10,000 homeowners across the country about things like their commute, healthy living, climate, economic opportunity, a security and safety. After all was said and done, Denver came out on top, thanks to its 300 days of sunshine and its residents being all healthy and what not.

Here's the quick breakdown for Philly:
· We cracked the top 10 for cities with the best commute.
· But we also ranked 50th in the economic opportunity category.
· We're on par with cities like New York (26), Portland, Oregon (27), and Boston (19).
· Yet NYC earned the #2 spot in walkability, while we ended at #21.

Hey, at least we're not in Ohio: Three of its cities (Toledo, Akron, and Dayton) make up the top 10 worst cities to own a home in America. The lowest ranked? Memphis.

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