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Is it Demo Time for Historic Rittenhouse Coffee Shop?

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The new owners of three historic properties on the 1900 block of Sansom Street are seeking approval to demolish the trio due to economic hardship. The Rittenhouse Coffee Shop, the Warwick Apartment House, and the Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home were bought by Southern Land Company and 1911 Walnut Street, LLC for $40 million in February 2015. Hidden City Philadelphia first reported that the companies filed an economic hardship application with the Philadelphia Historical Commission on October 29, despite previously stating that they were "committed to preserving the buildings at 1906-1920 Sansom."

Turns out that the companies weren't prepared for the poor conditions of the three properties: Namely asbestos, lead-based paint, pigeon poop, and mold. According to the claim, the estimated cost to repair the buildings is $1,610,000. The Historical Commission still has yet to review the application.

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