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1911 Walnut St.: New Renderings Released, But Aren't Final

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Renderings via Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Southern Land Company has released updated renderings for 1911 Walnut St., its second development in Philadelphia that will feature luxury apartments, condos, and retail. However, according to the website the company notes that the renderings are not final nor approved, and they're still working with stakeholders and neighborhood associations to finalize the concept. That's important, since the Nashville-based development company had received criticism for its initial efforts to demolish three historic properties on the 1900 block of Sansom Street due to financial hardship: The Rittenhouse Coffee Shop, the Warwick Apartment House, and the Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home. Southern Land Co. later withdrew its application to demolish the coffee shop, but based on the current renderings it doesn't look like the other two properties will make the cut.

Here's what we do know about the development: The 47- to 51-story residential tower will feature about 342 luxury apartments and 64 condos; 55,000 square feet of commercial space on Walnut, Samson, and 20th streets; and underground parking. The renderings also show a rooftop terrace on top the commercial space.

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1911 Walnut

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