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Curbed Cup 1st Round: University City (3) vs. Point Breeze (6)

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The first round of the Curbed Cup roars along. Remember: Polls open for 24 hours and the full tournament bracket will be revealed on Friday. Let the eliminations continue!

University City (3)—This West Philly neighborhood makes its debut in Curbed Cup, and for good reason: In 2015 University City met its 75,000 jobs milestone; experienced an 11 percent increase in population since 2013; and has saw a 24 percent increase in restaurant establishments since 2009. And there's no ignoring the ongoing construction along the Schuylkill River (i.e. the FMC Tower) and on Chestnut St. It's no wonder Property Brothers development company snatched up seven residential properties in UC this year alone.

Point Breeze (6)—Named after a small amusement park in the early 1900s, Point Breeze sits west of Broad Street in South Philly and has been undergoing a somewhat contentious reformation. Efforts are spearheaded by organizations like Universal Companies, which has built more than 1,500 residential units of affordable housing, as well as retail and charter schools. Point Breeze has also seen restaurants make the rare venture to its neighborhood, including the "neo-bistro" Buckminster's, and a pop-up beer garden this summer organized by LPMG Properties, a development company that's on a mission to revitalize the neighborhood's commercial corridor.

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