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30th St. Station District Plan Proposes Mixed-Use Neighborhood Above Rail Yards

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The most recent draft of the 30th Street Station District Plan calls for a partially capped rail yard that will feature a mixed-use neighborhood, pedestrian bridges over the Schuylkill River, and an expansion of the station itself. The plans were unveiled Wednesday night at an open house held at 30th St. Station and are part of a $5.25 million study that includes 175 acres of land surrounding the station—88 of which include the rail yards owned by SEPTA and Amtrak.

Prior to the open house the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that although public comment this summer favored capping most of the rail yard, the most recent draft shows that only 70 acres can be covered due to "engineering challenges."

In addition to the dense mixed-use development above the rail yards, the new draft calls for doubling the size of Drexel Park, a river overlook, a series of boardwalks and green spaces along the west bank trail of the Schuylkill, and a transit terminal for buses.

The two final public meetings are planned for Spring and Summer 2016. The full report can be read at

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