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Curbed Cup 1st Round: Washington Square West (5) vs. Francisville (4)

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Left: Washington Square West's rainbow streets by M. Fischetti for VisitPhilly; Right: North Broad St. in Francisville by Ian Freimuth

The first round of the Curbed Cup roars along. Remember: Polls open for 24 hours and the full tournament bracket will be revealed on Friday. Let the eliminations continue!

Washington Square West (5)—Take a stroll through this historic Center City neighborhood on any given weekend and you're sure to stumble upon some sort of street festival, market, or parade. Says one Curbed commenter, "It has beautiful old historic streets, a healthy demographic mix, and a happening restaurant scene with a relaxed, friendly vibe." Washington Square West's growth only continues with the recent groundbreaking of the 26-story luxury residential tower at 1213 Walnut St., as well as the incoming SLS International Hotel & Residences by Dranoff Properties.

Francisville (4)—The small pocket neighborhood in Fairmount is undergoing big-time changes. This year, the City Council president Darrell L. Clarke announced a "workforce housing" plan, which allows the city to sell its vacant land to developers for $1—as long as the houses are sold at lower then market rate. Coinciding with Francisville's development potential was the opening of the crepes eatery Vineyards Cafe and a pop-up pool at Francisville Playground this summer. One Curbed commenter touted this neighborhood "for it's green spaces only the neighbors know of, the new little trees on the streets, and all the new neighbors moving in. Girard Garden makes it a sweet place to live."

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