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Curbed Cup 1st Round Results: The Final Four, Revealed!

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This year's Curbed Cup kicked off with 2014's winner Fishtown (1) facing off against South Philly's Pennsport (8). While the reigning champions put up a good fight, Pennsport ultimately pulled away, starting this tournament with a big upset. Next up was East Passyunk (2) vs. Kensington (7). This was a close one, with Kensington nabbing a mere 11 more votes to advance to the Final Four. University City (3) and Point Breeze (6) had a fair battle, but ultimately University City forged ahead. And finally, Washington Square West (5) and Francisville (4) battled it out. Washington Square West garnered about 50 more votes, which means it'll duke it out with Pennsport next week. Thanks to all who voted and showed your support for your neighborhood on social media. We'll continue Curbed Cup on Monday.

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