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Scranton's Iconic Woolworth Mansion Has Been Sold

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The iconic Woolworth Mansion in Scranton, built in 1909 for Charles Sumner Woolworth of "5¢ Woolworth Brothers Store," has been sold, according to Page Six. Artist and real estate collector Hunt Slonem bought the 8,000-square-foot property, which had an asking price of $259,000. We last wrote about the Woolworth Mansion in June, noting the home's decorative ceilings and state of disrepair. The Page Six article notes that Slonem, who owns other historic properties, hopes to begin renovations within the year.
Feeling cramped in his mere 34,000-square-foot studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Slonem rented a 150,000-square-foot armory in Scranton, down the street from the Woolworth property. "I saw this house and my jaw just dropped," Slonem told Page Six. [...] Slonem says the Beaux Arts mansion is "a very significant building of the period, but needs a lot of work." He hopes renovations will be "pretty far along" within a year — "I'm already picking out chandeliers and sconces." Slonem owns several other historic properties, but says of this 8,000-square-footer that he'll use as a private abode, "My other homes are older. It's a little jewel." In addition to the limestone mansion, Slonem now also owns the three-story carriage house that's connected via an underground tunnel, according to an article in the Scranton Times-Tribune.

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