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So Over Exposed Brick: Let's Stop the Masonry Madness

Since the start of our weekly decor rant series, readers have sounded off on overexposed kitchen trends (chalkboard walls and open shelving were the trends least liked by our readers) and whether or not putting a TV over a fireplace is a good idea (crowd consensus: no). But one ubiquitous interior trend—especially in our current crazed rental market where every third apartment is a conversion (former barns! former factories!)—exposed brick walls remain a lightning rod. Does the presence of exposed brick increase your sense that, yep, this was definitely a place where printing presses ran, thereby tying your apartment to its place in the history of your city or town? Or is it all just a real estate ruse to get people excited about a landlord's disinterest in doing the extra work of putting up drywall?

Exposed brick: yea or nay? >>