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How Designers Made That Giant Gingerbread Bank at Blue Cross RiverRink

Well that's one way to encourage folks to spend more moolah: Use 2.5 tons of gingerbread to build a bank that actually dispenses money. That's what ad agency Deutsch did with the help of Philly's Bredenbeck Bakery when they decided to build an actual working PNC ATM branch out of 5,000 pounds of gingerbread. In a Campaign article written by the agency's art senior art director Alex Avis and designer Lynne Yun, they explained that the design of the gingerbread house was inspired by Art Deco architecture of buildings like the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building and the Chrysler Building. Once the bread was baked, they began building the bank at the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, where it currently stands. To see how they constructed the winter-proof gingerbread house, watch the video below. (Oh, and don't bother trying to sneak a taste. To make the gingerbread more durable, the bakers experimented with less sugar and butter, making it "less tasty.")

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