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McCallum Street Renovation Opens Up First Floor Interior

Facelifts are not for everyone. Fact. But for this house on McCallum Street in Mount Airy, whose first floor rooms were closed off from each other, a transformation was indeed called for. The owners lamented that the living room was never used, even when entertaining, because it was cut off from the rest of the floor. Also that kitchen was in desperate need of a little jeuge, dontcha think?

Here are the before photos:

After the renovation:

The result is a sunny, useable, open space. The renovated kitchen remains the lynchpin of the first floor, the surrounding rooms opening up onto it. In addition, by creating a view that extends through to the back of the house and taking advantage of the large windows along the side wall of the house, the space feels more expansive.

So jeuge away, homeowners. But those beautiful mugs? Leave them the heck alone.

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