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Paying Your Rent? Yeah, There's an App for That

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The Philadelphia Housing Authority has just announced a new rental payment option for residents: an app. Now how about that.

"PHA is eager to give our residents more convenient options for paying their rent on time," said PHA President and CEO Kelvin A. Jeremiah. "Rezzcard is a great alternative when they cannot make it to the management offices during business hours. With reductions in federal funding, it's critical for PHA to increase rent collection efforts. Those payments support maintenance and upkeep of the properties residents call home."

This news comes at the heels of the recent flurry of promising PHA developments in Strawberry Mansion, the first of which has a March projected completion date.
Through the Rezzcard, residents will be able to pay their PHA balance in every which way possible: cash, credit, debit card, and electronic check either online, by phone, or at payment centers throughout the city. In addition, a free mobile app is being created that any PHA resident with a smartphone will be able to download. Through the App, residents will be able to check their balances, get notifications, view payment history, find their nearest payment location, and make a payment.

PHA scattered sites residents began using Rezzcard this past summer as part of a pilot program. Since July 1, nearly 30 percent of scattered sites rental payments, or $1,575,000, has been processed through Rezzcard.

"We are very pleased by how receptive PHA's residents have been to Rezzcard. We believe in making life easier for affordable housing residents," said Alex Cooper, CEO and founder of Rezzcard. "Not only is it more convenient to pay with Rezzcard, but replacing money order and checks with electronic payments means residents can track their payments, have proof when their payment is made and get faster posting times. We are now working on a project to enable residents to pay all their monthly bills through the Rezzcard mobile app and report their rent payments to the credit bureaus so that simply paying their rent on time can help establish good credit."

How's that for good karma.

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