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This New Drone Footage of Philly Might Make You Sneeze

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Late last year, we brought you some drone footage of Philly "ruin porn," featuring our beloved Divine Lorraine (soon to lose its place among Philadelphia's most famous blighted landmarks). And while the footage is stunning, some readers (understandably) had some beef with the term "ruin porn" as one that glorifies urban decay and "alternative landmarks." One commenter on Curbed Philly noted:
It's insulting to the people who live in or are from those neighborhoods and know those buildings as something other than "alternative landmarks," especially the former industrial properties that symbolize to many the decline of their neighborhood and the loss of jobs that used to exist in their father or mother's generation. But here's one thing we can all agree on — the landmarks that still make Philly tick - the bridges, the rivers, the highways, deserve their own epic drone treatment. This new drone footage of Philly, brought to our attention by the folks over at Philly, does the trick. And the thing that really sets this video by Michael James Murray apart is its stunning layering of Philadelphia's soundscape into the footage: you hear the clicking of a freighter traveling alongside the river, and the PATCO as it crosses the Ben. You hear the rush of the Schuylkill, rustling of the leaves falling from that tree that we've all climbed on Belmont Plateau, and the hum of traffic along Columbus. Oh, did those pollen-laden trees along the river aggravate your allergies? Gesundheit.

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Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123