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Toll Brothers One Up Will Smith with New Market Condos

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Toll Brothers' new community at 410 South Front Street is nearing its scheduled completion time frame of fall 2015, and Curbed Philly dropped by this weekend to check in on construction, and to confirm that we rock the hard hats (can we live?!)

The 69-unit, 4-story gated condominium "had been the proposed location for several developments over the past several decades – including the controversial Stamper Square hotel/condo development, which died when funding fizzled, and another project by Philly native Will Smith. Years ago, it was the site of the failed New Market development."

The building, as proposed, is made of brick, stone, concrete glass and metal, to help blend into its Society Hill surroundings. Amenities include parking (for some units 2 or more spots), a roof deck, courtyard, 24/7 concierge, and a less-than thirty second walk to Cavanaugh's/ Dark Horse/Dicken's Inn. Price points for the one, two, three, and four bedroom residences (890 - 2400 square feet) range from $500,000 to $1.6 million.

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