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Tattoo Alley and Fabric Row are Philly's Tiniest Neighborhoods

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Photos by M.R. Jooste

While Dickinson Narrows appears to be a hot neighborhood at the moment, in honor of Micro Week, we set out to find Philly's tiniest of hoods. And while opinions may vary (and change on a daily basis) on what may constitute a 'hood, two neighborhoods, by merit of both their tiny footprints and population, seem to be officially the smallest.

Tucked into two separate but parallel enclaves in Queen Village, Fabric Row and Tattoo Alley each walk away with the "tiniest of the litter" prize, boasting all of .004 square miles to their name, and 190 and 109 declared residents, respectively. Don't agree with the data? Let us know, because lord knows every time someone sneezes around here, a new neighborhood pops up. In the meantime, let's take a photo tour of Fabric Row and Tattoo Alley, stunning examples of Philly's intra-'hood architectural diversity.
Note: Both according to the map are bookended by Kater to the North and Monroe to the South, although we would argue they both extend past that significantly, if we're talking fabric stores and tattoo parlors. But let's not go on talking sense in Philly neighborhood names.

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