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"Frozen Philadelphia" Video Will Make You Not Hate Winter

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This winter, what with its Chinese-water-torture doses of snow, has been rather tedious. But they all are, aren't they? That is unless you're looking through the lens of wildly talented videographer Cory J. Popp, whose "Frozen Philadelphia" video has nothing to do with the Disney flick of similar nomenclature, and everything to do with the sheer beauty that is our city on a snowy day. Be prepared to see Philadelphia anew as Popp artfully and thoughtfully captures the familiar images and places of our town on film — from an elderly woman gazing out of her window at the snowfall, to a PATCO train rattling over the Ben, to our gorgeous beauty queen, Rittenhouse Park, sheathed in white. Move over, Yule Log video.

· Cory J Popp YouTube Page