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Take a Tour of The Reading Viaduct With Its Designers

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The Architect's Newspaper has kicked off their new video series, which focuses on the places, people, and processes behind news-making projects, with a tour of the Reading Viaduct. Writer Henry Melcher takes us through the site's history and gives us an update on plans. Landscape Architect Bryan Hanes, who is working on Phase I (slated to break ground this year) explains that the rail park will be a grittier take on NYC's High Line. He says:

It's really building off the steel structure we're working on...I think the hope is that when it's done, it doesn't look a whole lot different than it does now, which is a weird thing. We go through a pretty substantial construction project to turn it back into what it is right now, with the additional amenities of places to sit, places to congregate, opportunities for people to gather in smaller groups and larger groups.

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Reading Viaduct - Noble St Entrance

Noble Street, Philadelphia, PA