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1923 Ardmore Baptist Church Next in Line for ReBuild

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Main Line reBuild, the group behind the recent redevelopment of the early 20th century Narberth United Methodist Church property, has another recent convert: the 1923 Ardmore Baptist Church. Now dubbed "The Arbors at Athens," preliminary work will begin in March to convert the church building and parsonage building into five condominiums (two of which have already been sold). Scott Brehman, Partner of Main Line rebUILD, says, "churches are closing down at a really rapid rate, and we need to do something about it," citing data from a "2012 symposium sponsored by the Lower Merion Conservancy that said 20 percent of the 1,000 churches in the city of Philadelphia were likely to close in 10 years." In the case of churches such as the Ardmore Baptist Church, Brehman does acknowledge that some locals are sad to see the buildings turned to houses, but the alternative - demolition of these neighborhood icons - would be far worse.

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