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Eraserhood's Goldtex Apartments Leaves Graffiti Exposed

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In the latest and greatest from Streets Dept, Conrad Benner, the venerable urban explorer and photographer takes readers inside Eraserhood's Goldtex apartments building, just south of the much-anticipated Reading Viaduct Rail Park.

The Goldtex Apartments, owned and managed by Post Brothers, Benner argues, actually does good by its graffitied past, and not only leaves street art saturated beams and pillars exposed, but also employs artists such as ESPO (Steve Powers of Love Letter Murals fame) "to paint murals throughout the building. Other street artists/graff writers works are on rotating display on the first floor."

Benner continues:

As the city continues to grow, abandoned spaces will naturally become more appetizing to developers. And the Goldtex Building in the Eraserhood is a prime example of the opportunity to restore and renovate the city's aging, abandoned architecture...I know that we won't be able to save and/or find new purposes for every abandoned space, but when we can I think we should. And when we do, I encourage more developers to hire artists, graffiti writers, and muralists to do work in their spaces.

Photo via Goldtex

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