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An Airplane Runway on The Bellevue?

GroJLart's lastest installment of "99 Years Ago..." takes us, among other places, to Broad Street's Bellevue-Stratford, which was, in its day, considered the most modern and luxurious hotel in America. "Part of keeping that status is keeping up with the latest shit," so when "in 1912 and 1913, an NYC construction guru named Theodore Starrett started going around saying that the "skyscraper of tomorrow" would include an airstrip or zeppelin dock so rich-ass visitors could fly directly to the roof of a building and be served with the highest of luxury," George Boldt immediately "commissioned the short-lived architecture firm of Hewitt & Granger to design a 90' x 300' air strip that could be installed on the Bellevue-Stratford roof. In the beginning of February, 1916, it was announced to the public as something that would happen "in the coming months." Thankfully, it did not. [Philaphilia]