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Mansion Immortalized by Andrew Wyeth Gets Price Cut

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Painter's Folly via Philly Mag, Property photos via Estately

Last February, this 10 bedroom, 3.5 bath Chadds Ford villa immortalized in painter Andrew Wyeth's 'Painter's Folly' went on the market for $1.15 million. In December, the unsold 5,896 square-foot residence was delisted, and listed again, minus a few bucks, for $995,000. The home was once the residence of illustrator Howard Pyle, who rose to celebrity-status for his work, and illustrated numerous magazines and books, most notably The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. He became a mentor to notable painter and illustrator N.C. Wyeth. Upon his death, the New York Times bestowed Pyle the title of ""father of American magazine illustration as it is known to-day."

The three-story home sits on 3.6 acres that borders the Brandywine Battlefield Park. It boasts soaring ceilings, high archways, and oversized windows. There are plenty of bedrooms scattered around the property - in addition to the 6 spacious bedrooms there is an au-pair or in-law suite that features a full bath, living quarters and large bedroom. On the other side of garage there is an income producing 1 bedroom carriage home with a large kitchen and gathering room. The walls of this home are constructed with over a foot of stone in width. The first floor ceilings are 12'4" high and the second floor ceilings are close to 11' in height. Surrounding the main entrance way is a spectacular wrap around veranda with imported French trellis.

· 1421 Baltimore Pike [Estately]
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