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"Great Bones!!" on North 21st For the Stupid/Brave Among Us

Anyone who ever tried one of Tritone's (RIP!) famous deep-fried candy bars will tell you unequivocally that there is a fine, sometimes non-existent line between courage and sheer stupidity. For those of you who shed a tiny tear remembering the most disgustingly delicious drunk fare known to man, this one's for you. Because it seems like a really good idea, in theory. But you may hate yourself once you're done with it.

This is a shell in the Greenfield catchment that consists of 5 bedrooms, a den, 3 baths, and an open 1st floor overlooking a rear garden. The $500,000 residence boasts 11'8" ceilings, a marble mantle, and apparently a really amazing banister and set of stairs. Per the listing: "GREAT BONES!!"

Just make sure to pack your Tums.

· Tritone officially becomes The Cambridge [Philly Mag]
· 119 North 21st Street [Redfin]