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Check Out These Hand-Drawn Floor Plans From Popular TV Shows

Carrie Bradshaw's rent-stabilized junior one bedroom at 245 East 75th Street cost her a maddening $700 a month in rent. True story. And while the modern (and non-fictional) equivalent would probably cost more than two and a half grand IRL, you can own the floor plan for far less.

Artist and Interior Designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde creates detailed floor plans — accurately portraying dimensions and proportions of residences from our favorite shows, including: The Simpsons family, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, and Friends.

"The first drawing I did was 'Frasier' for four or five years as a personal whim. "I really liked the series and the apartment and wanted to see it reflected in the paper. As an interior designer with years of experience, I developed my sense of space and ability to see sizes and proportions of architectural elements and furniture pieces," Lizarralde says.
When the artist needs help with a particular aspect of a room or residence, he crowd-sources information and advice. "The problem with the living spaces on TV shows," he explains, "is usually located in the secondary sets, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms."

One of the more tender renderings the artist has done is of the tiny house in Up, which as you may have read recently, is actually based on a true story. Much of his work can be found on his Deviantart gallery, and you can purchase your very own Carrie Bradshaw closet (if only just hand-drawn) on his Etsy shop.

No word on if he plans to recreate Paddy's Pub (probably not), but a rendering of the gorgeous Graduate Hospital townhouse from The Sixth Sense would be cooler, anyway.

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