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Murray Could Take Rittenhouse Mansion Off the Market

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The 9,000 square-foot, 15 million-dollar mansion at 10 Rittenhouse Square, aptly named 'The Rittenhouse Mansion' is still downtown Philadelphia's most expensive listing. And has been for quite some time now. As you know. And even more mind-boggling than the insane price tag is the fact that this sucker is still being marketed as a single family residence, one that essentially rubs shoulders with a parking garage and a giant bookstore.

But with DeMarco Murray officially an Eagle, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who said Murray "would sign for 5 years and $42 million, including $21 million guaranteed," maybe we could all be drunkenly belting the Eagles chant underneath the mansion's 905 square-foot Grand Balcony come fall. Unless he goes the Jersey route. He wouldn't be the first.

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10 Rittenhouse Condominiums

130 S 18th street, Philadelphia, PA 19103