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Stupid Front Doors; Lying Real Estate Cameras; More!

· Billy Penn takes us to Kingsessing [Billy Penn]
· See? We're not the only ones who love this house [Philly Mag]
· Last chance to see inside St. Andrew's Chapel [West Philly Local]
· The mayoral candidates, by signature counts [Citified]
· Let's talk about the 2015 Roots Picnic lineup [PW]

Comment of the Day:
house sucks/cheesy paneling/flat roof im sure it leaks and bet all those windows have howling winds barreling through .. how about that stupid front door so people can drag snow and leaves right into your living room onto your rug and wreck you and your cozy fire .. lot is way smaller than those lying real estate cameras ..what you going to get a job at a local home depot there ?? or a local cheesey motel or ar you a prudential insurance salesman just cold calling your life away ??? .. 185 bid max —guest 4 [$259K Elkins Park mid-century modern boasts rooftop oasis]