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By Request: Curbed Digs into Final Fate of Snellenburg's

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Relics of Snellenburg's, the one-time the largest clothing manufacturer in the world, are everywhere in Philadelphia (remember the ghost sign house in Fishtown?). But it's the remnants of the grand architecture of its huge store at 11th and Market Street that has people's attention right now. And for good reason.

Prompted by a comment by a reader who hoped they would salvage "some of the nice architectural/masonry elements from the underlying facade of the former Snellenburg's building," we reached out to the development team behind the East Market project, who promptly responded that whereas there was no definitive answer yet because the demolition is ongoing,
Preserving and building on the history of market street is an important priority for the East Market development team. Construction of the new buildings at the site is slated to begin within a few weeks.

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