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How are We Feeling About Grey Kitchen Cabinetry?

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Photo via Keller Williams Real Estate-Lafayette Hill

50 Shades of Grey is a thing right now. (Is it, still? Please say it's not). So we suppose we can't blame the designers of this $329,000 Manayunk home for getting all fangirl in the kitchen and going a liiiiiiitle far with the grey color scheme. Fortunately or unfortunately, the parallels end there. This three-bedroom, two and a half-bath home is a veritable mod podge of design aesthetics—each room with its own special, special look: there's a mod chandelier in the office, some questionably-placed circular mirrors, half-paneled walls, and a whole lot of teal. Custom blinds and drapes are included, and outside, there is a private and secluded sod yard.

· 179 Gay Street [Estately]