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Information Session: Ways to Green and Re-Claim Vacant Land

The Land Bank is officially up and running, soliciting RFPs and promises to help Philadelphians convert some of our 40,000 vacant and dilapidated properties to new use. The concept is alluring, indeed, yet also mysterious (can you actually buy a vacant side yard for $1, for example? If so —how?)

On Tuesday, March 10, the New Kensington Community Development Corporation will host a Vacant Land Information Session where participants can learn more about how to "green and re-claim" vacant land in their neighborhood. Topics will include:

· The Land Bank
· Starting a non-profit, community organizing, and building alliances
· Navigating the zoning process
· Starting a community garden

· Register: Vacant Land Information Session [Eventbrite]
· How to buy vacant land for as low as $1 [Curbed Philly]
· Philly Land Bank Solicits first RFPs [Curbed Philly]