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Have you Seen the Signs for Urban Experiential Displays Yet?

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Urban experiential displays (UED) are the topic of many debates with the powers that be. And you may have an opinion on them, yourself.

If you've ever wondered why your block couldn't look a little more animated, exciting, or just a little like Times Square, then fret no more. The discussion of UED's has reached City Council, who will vote on the fate of TVs on a stick this Thursday. If they get approved, there will be a very special "Urban Experiential Display Overlay Control District" that has jurisdiction over them. So there's a chance that yes, you will see these.

But not everyone is in agreement. According to Philly Mag, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has already pulled his district out of the discussion. So that's a no to the possibility of making the image we have in this story a reality that's more than a rendering.

Councilman Mark Squilla says that people do want them, including a binder of petitions to Plan Philly. Would you sign? Or is another billboard the last thing you want?

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