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3-D Billboards Are Definitely Coming. Glasses Not Required.

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Urban experiential displays (UED) have been voted on...and they're in. City Council said so on Thursday. Two are coming into key corners of Center City.

Dueling petitions on either side of the issue have come in, interestingly at 906 against, and 385 in support...but City Council voted for it in a vote of 13-3.

Anti EUD'ers say that billboard company Catalyst Outdoor will be the sole winner, and that there is no clear purpose to the boards. People who love them say that nonprofits will benefit, including Reading Terminal Market and Avenue of the Arts.

Councilman Mark Squilla said that the issue is just the latest signal of the changing times, pointing to a time when fair Philadelphians opposed outdoor dining and buildings that stood taller than the William Penn statue on City Hall. Where do you stand?

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