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One for The Plebes Who Can't Afford North Shore Beach Club

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You can spend your summer mournfully scrolling your Facebook feed, hating on the beautiful people basking in sunlight and privilege at Northern Liberties' North Shore Beach Club, or you can jump on the Pop-up Pool wagon. The Pop-up Pool Project recently secured a nearly $300,000 grant from Knight Foundation to "add movable seating, shade, planters and programming like games or food-truck visits to the bare concrete decks at the city's pools."
Ben Bryant, the urban planner behind the concept, says to look at the success of other reimagined open spaces - piers and gardens - with small design touches. "We know how to make good open spaces now," he said. "This is a way to take that knowledge and see if we can branch it out more equitably across the city, throughout the neighborhoods." But! Will there be day beds?

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