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The Case for Parklets in University City and Beyond

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In its new report "The Case for Parklets," University City District shares its findings from its 2013 data collection and analysis effort to answer some questions about parklets (temporary spots that repurpose curb parking spaces for street seating or other miniature public spaces) regarding their effectiveness at bringing more "life to our public spaces and more feet to our neighborhood businesses." Plan Philly's Jon Geeting takes us through the report, which provides "parklet advocates with some compelling data on 'the enormous gains to neighborhoods and businesses that can result from the relatively painless loss of one or two parking spaces.'"

Geeting writes: "The essence of those benefits, according to UCD, boil down to the idea from William H. Whyte that 'supply creates demand. A good new public space builds a new constituency. It stimulates people into new habits.'"

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