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Don't Shoot The Messenger. Latimer House Still on the Market

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Today marks the 330th day that the Latimer House has sat on the market, still listed for $4.4 million. Its short stint on the market in 2012 at $6.2 million made it temporarily the most expensive home in Philly. Then it was the most hated. Then everyone talked about it a bunch. A few favorite descriptions of the 7,500 square-foot residence include:

· a rec center or a suburban DMV
· a SAAB dealership (Nobody wants one of those either)
· that horrible man with tons of jewelry, orange tan, heavy cologne, yelling into his cell phone.
· a modern, open-plan, exposed-steel-beam, granite-clad, thumbing-its-nose-as its-neighbors, hipper-than-thou, pretentious-as-sin barn

Then everyone left it alone for a hot second. But since it's been on the market for almost one entire year, and it's a snow day, and you have nothing better to do, why not turn your attention away from the neighbor who refuses to shovel his walk, and instead direct your feels at 12th street's "urban villa." Good or bad, remember that owner and architect David S. Slovic does believe that something good has come from the notoriety: "It means that architecture is not yet dead even if I did not built a breackfast [sic] nook." Now we're guessing he wished all this notoriety would translate to a few dead presidents aimed his way.
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Latimer House

1224 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107